“Bart was able to heal a lot of nerve pain in one session and did so in a wonderful space in a timely and convenient manner that made me feel very comfortable about the process. Strongly recommend their work no matter your level of experience with acupuncture. I had none and now I am a solid convert.” – Jim M.

“Jennifer has brought so much peace, wisdom, compassion, and healing to my first-time mom journey. Acupuncture sessions were a perfect complement to fertility treatments, and continued to be of great comfort once I conceived. I always felt Jennifer was 100% present in our sessions and I am so grateful for the tips and tricks I’ve learned from her, like acupressure points and nutrition staples. For anyone looking for some calm and reassurance during the rollercoaster of trying to conceive, I absolutely recommend Jennifer!” Suzanne I. 

“Jen approaches acupuncture with profound sensitivity and clarity. She is steeped in knowledge and experience, but never lets her knowledge overtake what the client’s body (and spirit) is telling her in the present moment. She has a deep reverence for the systems she is drawing upon in treatments, and her work is somehow both direct and encompassing, where the kind of pragmatism a busy New Yorker might come for meets what is subtle, quiet, and totally holy — i.e. everything else, the big mystery in which our actual healing takes place.” – Sara N.

“Jen is a truly gifted practitioner. She is thoughtful and thorough and takes the time to understand her patients from a holistic view. I always feel very confident in her treatments which address issues from both an emotional and physical standpoint. Sessions with Jen always leave me feeling lighter and relaxed! She is tremendously caring, kind, and greatly skilled. I highly recommend her!” – Liz O.

“Jen’s approach is warm and wholehearted. She listens attentively and curates her treatments to my needs, both short term and long term. She has helped with acute pain, as well as more comprehensive emotional and spiritual challenges. Jen is always willing to listen, adapt and think creatively about my issues — not only what she can offer, but how I can improve my self-care or benefit from other treatments. I feel that she truly sees me, and holistically.” – Karina T.

“You are a special practitioner Jen. You are grounded, present and able to truly hold space for however I showed up. Sometimes I came in  feeling so distraught thinking there is nothing anyone could do to help me come out of my pain. Yet the day of or after a treatment with you, I would feel lighter; able to be present with myself in a calmer way. I am deeply grateful for your patience and insight. I often return to your wise words. Your needling is gentle too, which I much appreciated.
Healing is a journey; one breath at a time, one step at a time. I didn’t know how to slow down and do this before.  Now I feel better equipped and know in my body what it feels like to take my time and be gentle. Which has also helped me as a practitioner.
Thank you for being true to your work and doing it with heart.” – Kidada F.

“I have had the pleasure to study with, work with, and be treated by Jen in the past six years.  In classes I attended that she helped facilitate, her presence brought a beautiful sense of safety and care. Working with her was inspiring as she brought a vast perspective and  grounded confidence to the clinic and everyone who came in on her shifts spoke of feeling very well heard and understood. I can attest to that sentiment as I was also a patient at times. Jen helped me so much through a very tough passage of my life and helped me to hold a perspective that allowed much healing. Whoever comes into Jen’s presence has much to be grateful for!” Sarah Natan (owner Brooklyn Acupuncture Project)

“Jennifer Sawyer is the real deal. I have been getting treated by her for the past year, and her treatments leave me feeling completely held, seen, cared for, heard, safe, respected, and in better health.
Jen has deep knowledge and wisdom of  chinese medicine, not only gleaned from her years of experience as a practitioner, but also because she lives what she practices, and mentors with one of the greatest contemporary practitioners, Thea Elijah, which is a position that comes with many years of study and devotion to healing.
I am honored to say I got to work with Jen for a couple years, and therefore have a unique perspective on her as a colleague. I was a receptionist at the time she was a practitioner at the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project, and in her free spare moments I would find her reading with deep focus and concentration about various treatment techniques, and diagnosis from classic texts, which is not easy reading! Or I would find her drinking an herbal tea she made with Chinese herbs for her own health, and would learn about the formula in passing, because her tea bottle looked fascinating with the raw herbs in the bottom.  I got to see how busy her schedule always was, and her patients would tell me as they waited for their appointment how immensely she has and was helping them, from a construction worker to artist, Jen’s care doesn’t discriminate.
Jen is gifted in treating any condition, and I believe she sees such great affects in her patients because she approaches all conditions  with heart, and by caring for the heart of the patient. In some of my darkest moments in the depths of a deep sadness and overwhelming vulnerability, I turned to Jen. I knew she would get it. And she did. With her gentle yet strong embrace with her eyes, ability to really listen, her words, her healing touch, I was able to get up again.
She has tremendous understanding of the physical and emotional constitutions humans have, that in chinese medicine fall under roughly 5 categories, called 5 elements. She has the ability to treat people based on their constitution which takes a keen awareness and sensitivity to others, which comes with a personalized and extremely effective acupuncture and herbal treatment to follow.
If you are reading this, and interested in working with Jen, you are in some of the best hands one can be in. Enjoy your healing journey.” Evie E.