Acupuncture Williamsburg is in the heart of the most exciting area in Brooklyn, New York. Situated near the waterfront on North 10th between Berry & Wythe, this is just a couple blocks from Bedford stop off the L-train.

Acupuncture Williamsburg’s mission is to provide the highest level of natural and holistic care to inspiring and empower you to live your best life and fulfill your destiny. We do this not only thru our acupuncture, but in our concierge-style accessibility and attention to detail. We know that your health and wellness happens best in an environment where you feel safe, so we pride ourselves on answering all your questions and doing everything we can to help you feel comfortable.

Jen approaches acupuncture with profound sensitivity and clarity. She is steeped in knowledge and experience, but never lets her knowledge overtake what the client’s body (and spirit) is telling her in the present moment. She has a deep reverence for the systems she is drawing upon in treatments, and her work is somehow both direct and encompassing, where the kind of pragmatism a busy New Yorker might come for meets what is subtle, quiet, and totally holy — i.e. everything else, the big mystery in which our actual healing takes place.
Sara N.